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Sennheiser Office and call centre Headsets

State-of-the-art solutions for professional users: your best choice for extended periods of heavy duty use in high noise-level, open-plan offices and contact.

CC 500 series headsets are the best choice for extended periods of heavy-duty use in high noise-level, open-plan offices and contact centers.

Improved communication: With less background noise and greater speech intelligibility, all participants in a conversation will be better understood and a minimum of time will be wasted repeating important information or clarifying misunderstandings.

More efficiency and productivity: Distractions are kept to a minimum so that employees can concentrate more and will become less fatigued. Hands-free telephoning allows, for example the easy accessing of important informatoin - thus increasing output.

Greater employee satisfaction: Comfortable, safe and successful employees will feel better about their work and experience increased job satisfaction. Employees who are in a position to do their best will ultimately be more productive for the company.

SH 300 series headsets are the stylish and high-quality solution for users who value extremely high comfort and top speech quality.

Comfort: In addition to being lightweight by design, these headsets have a headband that is adjustable on both sides for individually preferred positions. The microphone boom rotates up to 300° so that it can be optimally and comfortably positioned up or down and towards the mouth.

Quality sound: The ear pads are made out of a specially designed acoustical foam. Their shape optimizes the sound penetration around the center of the cushion and into the ear canal while at the same time minimizing the sound leakage along the center of the cushion. You get the same superb sound experience, whether you choose to use the leatherette or foam ear pads, both included in the scope of delivery.

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